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All positions are for licensed/unlicensed/trained and/or experienced candidates. Prior experience or training in related positions is helpful for placement. Entry-level positions are available for novices.

The Placement Process

To secure a position through our crew placement process, the following events take place:

Your Profile needs to be completed on the online database. We need your current resume, supporting documents and a photo. If you don’t have a current resume, simply download our application, fill it out and return it with supporting documents. (Licenses, certifications and photo ID). NOTE: Incomplete applications WILL NOT be entered into our database.  It is our belief that “How you do anything is how you do everything” and it all begins in the application process.


  1. Personal, telephone, or Zoom interviews are conducted after your completed application is submitted.
  2. When a Boat Owner or Captain contacts us looking for crew, we send them a list of applicants meeting the requested qualifications for the open position.
  3. We then email all crew members to confirm their interest in the opportunity. When both parties are interested, we arrange for a meeting or phone conversation to take place.
    It’s important to check your email regularly and notify us immediately when a job opening interests you because they go quickly!
  4. The Owner or Captain decides on whom they wish to hire, and an offer is tended. We arrange a Zoom call where you get to interview them, and they get to interview you. If it works out, GREAT. We take it to step 5.
  5. Job Acceptance and Fee Payment: When a job offer is accepted, both parties are responsible for the payment of our fee. Exactly who pays is negotiated between the Employee and Employer.  Our fee is based on a percentage (%) of the agreed-upon day rate of the job. 


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