Fisheries Liaison Officer

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Fisheries Liaison Officer

Fisheries Liaison Officer (FLO)

Get Paid Top Dollar Using Your Fishing Skills WITHOUT Working Your Butt Off! We’re looking for men and women with commercial fishing experience to work as Onboard Fisheries Liaisons (Observers) on Survey Vessels operating south of Martha’s Vineyard.

Your job will be to monitor, document, and report commercial fishing activity while the boat is performing survey work. If necessary, you may be required to communicate with a commercial fishing vessel and coordinate a navigational crossing between vessels. Respectful Communication is a TOP PRIORITY.


You will use your fishing knowledge and experience to distinguish between the various types of commercial fishing vessels and gear, and document the types and locations. Daily reports are to be sent electronically.

Minimum Requirements

  • 5 years or more commercial fishing (Fixed Gear Preferred)
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Photo ID
  • STCW
  • Survey boats range from 120’ to 360’ in length.
  • Trips are generally 14 days.

You can work any 14-day combination. 14/14, 28/14, 28/28, etc.

The workday is 12hr and the heaviest thing you’ll be expected to lift is a pair of binoculars. Equipment is provided, travel allowance to and from the port of embarkation, and per diem when shore-side.

TERRIFIC Opportunity for Fishermen Looking For a New Career.

Job Category: Offshore Fisheries Rep

Job Type: Contract

Job Location: NE Atlantic


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